Foods that reduce cancer risk (Part II)

Welcome to the second part of the list of foods that reduce cancer risk. Even though the available options are way too many and it is difficult to choose which ones to include, we have decided to pick the most popular ones that are suggested by every single medical doctor and dietologist. So, let’s start their analysis: 

1) Milk rich in Vitamin D

garlicA sufficient quantity of vitamin D is essential for every one of us since its deficiency can cause some serious problems. One of them is the increase of the appearance risk of various types of cancer. A recent study published by the Stanford University School of Medicine has proven that vitamin D also hinders the development of breast cancer by limiting obesity’s contribution to its development. 

2) Wine

Last year, the University of North Carolina has published a research, according to which drinking wine reduces the risk of esophageal cancer by a staggering 57%. This happens because of substances contained in wine called flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that affect genes in a way that reduces the possibility of cancer growth. However, the amount of wine consumed must be controlled since it can also have negative effects if the quantity exceeds certain limits.

3) Garlic

Garlic is known to be able to “kill” various types of infections, but the latest discoveries are groundbreaking. Scientists in the University of Sydney conducted a research that included over 20.000 people. The conclusion was that eating garlic reduces lowers the possibility of developing gastric cancer. But that’s not all. One of its ingredients, diallyl disulfide has been observed killing even leukemia cells.

4) Salmon

Eating salmon more than one time per week reduces the possibility of the appearance of prostate cancer about 57%, according to the International Journal of Cancer. The same habit also reduces the risk of breast cancer for women. These benefits derive from omega-3 acids found in salmon. 

5) Soy Milk

Consuming soy milk is extremely beneficial for women since it protects them from 2 different and common types of cancer, the breast and ovarian. In fact, a research published in Shanghai mentioned that women who have even small amounts of soy intake in their diet reduce the risk of breast cancer up to 60%.

There are literally tens of foods that we could add to this list that would make this article enormous. A healthy and beneficial nutrition is one of the best ways to protect ourselves against the different types of cancer and increase the quality of our lives dramatically.