5 Root Causes of Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a condition whose primary symptom is cream or white colored deposit on the tongue and sometimes on the inner cheeks and the roof of the mouth. These lesions can be painful and will in some instances bleed when you scrap them. Also, the infected membrane of the mouth will appear red and inflamed.Tongueinfected with oral candidiasis For most individuals, however, oral thrush does not cause them any problems, and so they tend to just ignore it. Nevertheless, it is still essential to understand what brings about the condition because sometimes oral thrush might be a sign of a more serious ailment.

#1 Diabetes

People with diabetes - and this is more so for those that do not have it under control - have increased levels of sugar in their blood and saliva. These excessive amounts of sugar offer an excellent environment for candida to grow. And so individuals with any diabetes type are at more risk of developing oral thrush.

#2 Weakened Immune System

A weak immune system is among the leading causes of oral thrush. It is because of this fact that oral thrush affects children and the elderly in most instances. The fungus (candida) that causes it is already present in the mouth, but diseases that weaken the immune system lead to its overgrowth. This overgrowth is what in turn develops the lesions. Research shows that close to 95% of individuals living with HIV will develop oral thrush at some point.

#3 Certain Types of Medication

Prescription medicines such as corticosteroids, birth control pills and antibiotics tend to cause a disruption of the balance that exists between micro-organisms in your mouth. An Italian study found that birth control pills tend to influence the growth of candida in the mouth, so ladies that use them are more susceptible to getting oral thrush. Antibiotics, on the other hand, reduce healthy probiotics in the body, which leads to immune dysfunction or weakening.

#4 Cancer and Its Treatments

A 2005 Journal of Infection study established that an overgrowth of candida is a severe and common complication of cancer and its usual treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The reason behind this is the fact that the disease and the treatments that follow tend to weaken the person's immune system which then allows the candida pathogens to spread.

#5 Dentures and Poor Oral Hygiene

Close to 60% of individuals that wear loose dentures tend to develop oral thrush at some point. For some of them, it is a recurring problem, and this is in most cases due to poor oral hygiene. Dentures accumulate bacteria which are just what candida needs to thrive in the mouth. So proper oral hygiene is a necessity for people wearing dentures to prevent oral thrush.